Bayraktarlar Holding Chairman

Message from the Chairman :

 “The best way of identifying one's self is the personality.’’


Dear Business Partners and Colleagues,

I would like to share with you my achievements, the moments I was frustrated and the experiences during my working life of over half of a century.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of Republic of Turkey said that ‘’The wealth of a person should be on own personality’’. That means, firstly we must have a reputable personality. In addition, we must use our mind and our spirit.

For people without any benefit to society, “disgrace of the society” definition is made. Unfortunately, those people always get older and die alone. While this is the case, what should we do in this temporary world as productive individuals?

I would like to draw your particular attention to this issue. Human being can not rule nature. But human being is shaped by the nature. Under these circumstances, I wish that we all get shaped with the virtues which are acclaimed by community.

Every business takes effort. If labor is not given, the result will not be satisfactory. In fact, if someone is unwilling to work, that means he/she does not like the job.

Dear Friends,
We should not forget that what we have achieved with our work are the values that social life left to us. We should protect these values and share with the community in a fair way.

Here, “social responsibility” consciousness is engaged in. If we are deprived of that responsibility in the society we will never reach the position that we miss, imagine and expect.

During my working life over 60 years, I always tried to be a conciliatory, researcher and sharing person. Over time, I saw by personal experience that this attitude is the path to success through.

In short, I would like to express that:

Do not scare people with your behavior. Make friends. 

Do not ever desire to be a scholar; keep in mind that being a good person is more important.

Human beings are the most important; technology never can replace the human power.

"People will be more tender when they get older" they say. Based on this maxim, the message I'm trying to give you, I wonder if for the sake of my age, I think to myself.

But no matter what the reason, while leaving you alone with a very important question and responsibility at this point, I want to finish my remarks as follows:

The best way of identifying one's self in the community is the person's own characteristics; not other people.

I wish you success.


With my best regards,


İzzet Bayraktar

Bayraktarlar Holding