Group Companies

Bursa Tooling Plant

FARBA mold production facility has also reached the level that could meet the current technological demands. In FARBA mold production facility, plastic molds are manufactured with the latest software and machinery having the latest technological content within the shortest time by considering the precise details and cosmetic values.

The quality of mold and manufacturing tools directly affects the quality of Headlight and Taillight products. Therefore, Farba gives special importance to production of mold and manufacturing equipment and established its own Mold Production Workshop in 1988.

As being one of Turkey's leading companies in Cad-Cam and CNC counter investments, in 2008, Farba has moved its Mold and Manufacturing Equipment production to its new location. Farba mold production continues to be an example in our country with the production and export of 2K, 3K and 4K rear stop lens molds, which are not produced in our country, in its new location in 2010.

Farba will continue to implement the necessary strategies “to ensure driving safety by enabling seeing and being seen. "