Farba President

Dear Business Partners and Employees,


I lead our automotive lighting business on a global basis on behalf of our family, taking full responsibility, as fourth-generation manager of Odelo and Farba automotive lighting company of Bayraktarlar Family, which has been operating for nearly 70 years in Turkey. When I look at my past work life, both related to our business, as well as civil society organizations that I served as a volunteer, I did great work and made great friendships that I can boast.

The automotive industry has been the most important business line for all four generations of our family. After many years continuing automotive lighting industry locally, we move to a global dimension with the participation of German odelo companies. Today we become an innovative and technological leader in automotive exterior lighting on a global basis that we have to maintain trust with our clients, which are the best car manufacturers in the world, is one of our most important goals.

While conducting this business, our all family members for four generations, have been working for making a significant contribution to the development of our country by also doing the social responsibility activities.

While conducting business today, we are doing our business with based on mutual trust and commitment on a project basis with our customers, which are the world's leading vehicle manufacturers. While conducting this business, we promote our family, the performance of the Turkish people, our entrepreneurship and our products all over the world. Such a responsibility not only on behalf of our family, we also carry the name of our country.

The global automotive industry in today's business environment and the responsibilities taken, the institutionalization of family businesses and long-term trust from the customers are required. Undoubtedly the founding family members, has great responsibilities in this regard. The younger generation of the family members have to be willing to work in the family business and improve themselves in accordance with the requirements of the day, possessing the necessary requirements, as the new visionary leaders.

The world of global competition brings changes faster than ever before. Whatever you do today, which sectors of business; those who do not target and stay away from the global developments, it is not possible to be successful.

Undoubtedly, achievements that we have on the way of being a global automotive lighting manufacturer, by participation of Odelo Group, had been possible with our valuable employees and our unity and togetherness. Also I am really thankful for all the valued business partners who have given us their support and cooperation. I wish global, innovative successes will be with us.


Ahmet Bayraktar

odelo and Farba Group