Farba Life

Employment Process

Our aim in employment process is, to evaluate those who wish to work with us, according to the principle “the right person to the right job”. Our employment process starts with evaluating the convenient candidates that have proper qualifications, by evaluating the applications to our job advertisements that are prepared for our open vacancies. After the preions which will be made over resumes, the candidates who have the specified qualifications, will be called to job interviews. 

In order to find out the most fitting candidate for the demanded position, the managers of Human Resources Department and other related departments make cooperation during employment process. By using competence based interviewing methods, the knowledge level and abilities of the candidates are examined. The interviews, in accordance with requirements, are supported with various measuring and evaluation means.  
In evaluation of  our newly graduated candidates and experienced candidates, in accordance with the requirements of related positions, all or some of the below mentioned evaluation means are implemented: 
- Competence based interview
- Personality Inventory 
- Foreign Language Placement Examination
- Visual Skill Examination 
- Reference Control  
The candidates, who are found fit following all these evaluations, are offered by our company work and the candidate who has been found fit for a vacancy, stars to work. 
The applications of those candidates, which can not be evaluated for the current vacancy are kept in the database and processed, in order to be evaluated for other positions. All of the candidates are informed on the result of the employment process.