Information Assurance Policy

With the implementation of this policy, Farba A.Ş. Upper Management commits and declare to ensure the main basic principles given below that are the Essentials of security, continuity and sustainability of services within the scope of Information Assurance Management System to provide the permanency of manufacturing processes that have been conducted with the approach of “Simple Perfectness” and with the Vision of being the universal automotive lightening manufacturer in World Class:

- Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information wealth within this scope against the internal and external threads increasing day by day
- Following the conditions emerging from the requirements of Information Assurance of our institution and shareholders (Customer, Supplier, Public Institutions) and the conditions emerging from laws, regulations, circular letters, contracts, standards and sectorial requirements;
- Providing all the resources (infrastructure, process and personnel) required for Information Assurance Management,
- Securing the assurance of all the information of institutional and personal information, regardless of being belonged to third parties, created and / or used within the scope of IAMS
- Giving the required information to all the employees in order to develop their technical and behavioral competencies and to make contributions for IAMS effectiveness with the aim of increasing their awareness on information assurance
- Real or suspicious violation of information assurance shall be reported, to provide the measurements preventing these violations and to ensure the application of the issues within the scope of IAMS by all the employees without any defect;
- Ensuring that the outputs targeted by Information Assurance Management System have been achieved;
- Supporting the continuous development of Information Assurance Management System;
We are going to manage such activities in a harmony with all the other management systems applied in our institution and to work with the aim of being a leader on Information Assurance.