Product Technology

CAD software is used to perform the three-dimensional product design on computers. FARBA serves its customers with worldwide recognized CAD softwares.

Aesthetics and safety are the most important factors in car sales. Being a stylistic feature exterior lighting also provides safety for both drivers and pedestrians. Advanced software products used for optical design to achieve customised lighting levels and distributions for each unit lighting performance. Optical Design Technologies used in design;

-Reflector optic, parabolic reflector, elliptic reflector, free-form reflector optical design technologies,

-Lens optic, fresnel lens, free-form lens, aspheric lens design, collimator total internal reflection lens design, light pipe optical design Technologies,  

- Reflector + Lens hybrid optical design technologies;

Optical performance of our products have been measured and verified in our optical laboratory within the R & D center.

LED-based automotive exterior lighting systems design in accordance with customer specification and international regulations (IPC, ISO, DIN, etc.). After performance testing (physical, electrical and electromagnetic tests) production phase starts.
Thermal analysis have been performed during the design phase to ensure operating in extreme weather conditions. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis software is used to simulate thermal for bulb and LED version products.
Robustness is also important issue. Structural and vibration analysis have been performed during the design phase to ensure operating under extreme road conditions. In addition to that pedestrian safety analysis is also performed.
Mold flow analyses has been performed prior to tool design in order to produce quality products.
Farba had taken R & D services from Bayraktarlar Holding’s affiliated engineering company named Bayraktarlar Design between the years 2006-2011. Bayraktarlar Design operated in the region of Uludag University Technopark in those years. Thus increased the cooperation between universities. In addition to that, unique products developed for OEM customers such as Ford, Volkswagen and Renault as well as enlarged its organization and R & D competence. OEM customers increased confidence in Farba as a full service supplier, resulted from potential new projects and businesses, including product, process and mold development.
R & D structure, which operated in a different location from production plant and testing laboratories could cause efficiency issues on communication and timing. Therefore, it was decided to move Bayraktarlar Design into Farba plant as a R & D Center in 2012. Establishment of new prototype, benchmark and electronic workshops increased the ability of verifying new products made by computer engineering.
Since then all the research and development activities have been operated within the Farba R & D Centre. Farba R & D Centre not only dealing with new products and services, but also developing scientific competence by involving in university partnership, attending symposiums, establishing articles.
All new product, process, mold design activities have been realized by our R & D members within open office environment with simultaneous engineering work. Open office environment help to minimize losses thus we offer a competitive development cost to our customers. Providing competitive development cost increased the number of new project we received from overseas OEM Companies. Having all the development units including test laboratory being together, have been attracted customer attention and also improved our project management performance.
2 laboratories (testing, photometry) and 3 workshop (prototype, electronic, benchmark) situated in the R & D Centre. 
All laboratories have been approved by our customers (Fiat, Oyak Renault, Toyota, VW).
Our Activity Areas:
- Automotive exterior lighting product development as a CO-Designer
- Automotive exterior lighting product development with Licenses Company
- After market product development projects
- Alight standard product development projects
Farba's R & D Center consists of four technical department
- Project engineering
- Product development engineering
- Process development engineering
- Mold development engineering

Photometry Laboratory

The photometric properties and lighting performance of automotive exterior lighting products (headlamps, rear combination lamps, reflex , license plate lamp etc.) are checked according to ECE, SAE, CCC standards and customer specific requirements.

Studies conducted:

- ECE, SAE, CCC homologation studies

- Headlamp measurements (Iso-lux and ies format )

- Measurements of rear combination and signalling lamps

- Reflex measurements

- Color measurements

- License plate lamp measurements