Production Technology

Process Technology Excellence, Innovation and Technological Leadership


 High Quality Injection Production Processes

- Single colour injection

- Multi colour injection


 High Quality Production Coating Processes

 - Hard-coating using Flowcoating and Spraying Method (with 6 Axis robot) For Headlamp

-  Antifog-coating for PC and PMMA Lenses

-  Reflector Basecoating

-  Painting Process with Spraying Method (with 6 Axis robot

-  Aluminium Metallising with PVD and Sputtering Method


High Quality Assembly Production Processes

- Hot plate welding

- Vibration welding

- %100 Measurement Control

- Stress Releaving / Annealing Ovens

- Rear Combination Lamp Leakage and Bulb / Led lighting Control Process

- Led Clinching , FPC Heat Caulking


Glue Application Process with 6 Axis robots

- Head Lamp Leakage Control

- Head Lamp Photometrical Control