R & D Centre

Our History:

FARBA adopt product based technological development as a principle in consideration of manufacturing technology experience. To this end, they built affiliated Bayraktarlar Design company at Uludag University Technocenter and started R&D Services for customers in 2006.

As a result of university collaborations and interdisciplinary work efforts at Bayraktarlar Design, FARBA designed and developed original products for global vehicle projects including Ford, Volkswagen and Renault.

They paid attention R&D studies and each passing year enabled progress in organization and competence. They had been “FULL SERVICE SUPPLIER” for their OEM customers with initiation in product, mold and process development areas. Thus FARBA assured customer based flexible solutions during product development stages and enhanced value-added job potential.

R&D Centre:

Bayraktarlar Design company relocated to FARBA Bursa-1 Plant and carried out research and development activities in a single location to improve performance in 2012. Thereafter, R&D Centre certified by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with 5746 regulation in 2012.

Additionally new prototype, benchmark and electronic workshops built in R&D Centre. Design studies verified with optical, thermal and mechanical analysis during new product realization processes. Different prototypes produced for electronics, thermal, optical and mechanical engineering disciplinaries. Thereafter technical testing works realized during design studies that enable verification before tool production not started yet. Also rapid prototyping technologies are used to check visual performance meet level.

Not only new product realization activities but also governmental funded projects, university collaborations, patent activities, scientific publications enable contribution to literature works accelarated with R&D Centre.

FARBA spends around 3% of their sales revenue on R&D. The number of novel project applications including TEYDEB and SAN-TEZ is 33. International funded project application initiatives are still in progress.

Progress made by R&D project cooperations that carried out by research instuties, universities and industrial organizations.

Communication and interaction is important part of our job. Product, Process and Mold development works realized together and simultaneously which held in open-plan office environment. More competetive development costs and flexibility ensured with the environment that minimize losses. Especially the model has provided positive impact for new product development projects for overseas OEM customers.

Besides taking place at a single location (including Test - Analysis and Project Engineering) for development studies received appreciation by customers that improved timing performance for project schedule.

Farba R&D Centre provide service for automotive lighting technology with more than 95 professional staff in 1445 square meters area. Development works contributed by MSc and Ph.D. degreed researchers who find technical and technological solution for changing demands.

Our laboratories:

Needed test, analysis and measurement services realized in approvedlaboratories  (Fiat, Oyak – Renault, Toyota, FordandVolkswagen).

            - R&D performance test and fotometric measurement laboratories.

            - Prototype, electronics, automation and benchmarking workshops.

Product Development activity areas:

Performance and application flexibility solutions found during product development stages. Developed products comply with international standarts and regulations. Primary activities:          

            - New original product development projects for new vehicles as a Co-Designer.

            - New original product development projects with licensing companies.

            - New Universal FARBA product development projects. (ODM)

FARBA R&D Centre engineering departments:

Design and development studies realized for product and manufacturing Technologies. Technical organization infrastructure play an important role for key industry customers. Primary engineering departments:

            - Project Engineering

            - Product Development Engineering

            - Process Development Engineering

            - Tool Engineering