Safety, Environment and Energy Policy


Our first priority is work safety.

We provide healthy, safe and clean environment to all our employees, suppliers customers and society as well. In order to fulfill our ultimate goal “0 accident”, minimize occupational diseases and damages, build healthy and safe working environment, using existing energy resources in the most efficient way and ensure persistence, we guarantee;

  • Performing environmental, work safety and energy obligations within the scope of automotive lighting products,
  • Making all the employees and interested parties adopt not to put themselves, other employees and visitors’ lives at risk as their main duty by the help of necessary training,
  • Within the scope of all our activities, making employees adopt a habit of doing systematic risk assessment about possible dangerous conditions and behaviours,
  • Interested parties and employees’ full support and attendance,
  • Increasing health and safety level and decreasing outsourcing and waste rate, efficient use of energy and natural resources, working with preventive approaches instead of solving problems,
  • Preventing injuries and impairment of health, ensuring continuous improvement of safety management and performance, preventing pollution, periodically revising our targets for improving energy performance  and providing all necessary resources for reaching targets

We adopt work safety, environment and energy policy and accept providing continuous improvement.